Three Simple Steps to Safe password

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We now live in a digital age where you are often asked to create a new password. Some of them are for things that are not so important (which does not endanger the money and your identity). For which this kind, you are free to use a password that is easy-easy as to know the effect if another party will not be so detrimental to you. Another case, when you actually create a password that is really specific to protect vital information.
Here are three simple steps to create a secure password hacker compromised:
  • Passwords should consist of 8 characters or more. There is no tolerance for this.
  • Combine letters, numbers and symbols on the keyboard characters but avoid a sequence (such as '12345678 'or' ABCDEFGH 'or' qwertyui '). If it contains a pattern of all, this will be a gap! Do not use too create a password by replacing a character with similar symbols (such as for example 'p@55w0rd', hackers know very well all this trick). The more random your password, the more secure.
  • Do not use your name, birth date, date of a warning or a word from you. In vain did use it, too easy for bad guys to figure it out.
Remember, a simple password is not known to be effective only people who are honest, but for people who are evil, absolutely not!

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