Take control of your Facebook in 2012

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Take control of your Facebook in 2012 - There are always new things when talking about social networking, especially Facebook. Many people do not realize the impact to upload all things in this largest social networking.

Facebook has a lot of changes over time, ranging from the setting, the features that make it easier to display the add new friends in social networking. Here are ways to manage your account so that the impression which appears to you what it is as revealed by Anick Jesdanun deputy technology editor at the Associated Press.

Who are your friends
At the beginning of this emerging social networking, many people accept a friend request without a specific consideration. People who have never met in person, the family had not seen for years and friends who actually annoying.

Now it's time you 'filter' of friends and determine which ones should be lost from your friends list. Not a great thing to have 1000 friends but never any real interaction. Interestingly, Facebook will not remind your friends if you delete it from your friends list.

All my friends not created equal
You might want to share your personal photos with family members or close friends. Use Facebook's new tool for grouping your friends, such as family and coworkers.

Then there is 'Close Friends' who have the ability to sort out good enough friends who most often interact with you, both online and offline. Through this list, you are now more easily share a post with the appropriate groups of friends.

What do you for?
Please update your biographical information. On Facebook, the city is very important because you can use to create a list of friends. In addition, now is the time if you want to keep the workplace and your birthday.

Control what you share
Select 'Account Settings' and start at the 'General' and make sure everything is up to date or you can click 'Edit' if you want to change. Then select the 'Privacy Settings' and continue select 'How You Connect,' now you can make yourself more difficult to find others through restrictions on the ability to send messages or friend requests.

In addition, you also can set the 'How Tags Work' and force a review or post a photo-tag on someone else before it appears on your profile. Finally, decide whether you want your friends list looks at a stranger on Facebook.

Check two times
Test how others view your profile via the 'View As ...' at the top of the profile. Enter the name of close friends, coworkers or random acquaintances to make sure no one is looking too much about you. Click the 'public' to see how others view your profile.

Facebook changes so often, so do not be surprised when you realize it, introduced a redesign of other services that may affect what you have done.

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