Regarding presence of iPad 3 in Year 2012

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Closing of 2011 was widely circulated rumors that Apple iPad will prepare a new generation product releases in the near future. These rumors arose after a company in China mentions the iPad 3 will be present at the event iWorld or better known as MacWorld 2012.

Some other rumors also mention that the iPad 3 will be released to coincide with the birth of Steve Jobs, 24 February.

Now comes another rumor that says that in January 2012, Apple will launch two new types of iPad. The same source says that this latest generation iPad segment mid-end and high end. With the presence of two types of these new iPad 2 will be expected to decrease prices to compete with the Kindle Fire.

As quoted from, iPad is a new generation is using the most advanced display technology. Regarding size, there is mention to use a smaller screen that is 7.85 inches and there is a mention using a 9.7-inch screen with a resolution QXGA (1536x2048 pixels).

Two of these three types of iPad will also be increased from the camera. The first type will use 5 MP camera manufactured by Samsung, while the second type uses 8 MP camera from Sony.

However these rumors could be missed. Like last year when rumors about the iPhone will come with two types, and was only issued one type.

Responding to these rumors, the Apple does not give any further comment other than to tell that the release of three new iPad will be announced appearance at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2012.

It could be because Apple wants to surprise and to avoid plagiarism by other manufacturers, such as that claimed for it to competitors.

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