iPad Mini Launched in 2012

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A variety of new releases from Apple seems to be graced 2012. After announcing the iPad 3, the company founded by Steve Jobs had a mini iPad will also be issued.

Media metro.co.uk proclaim, Saturday (17/12), a product called iPad Mini will be launched in late 2012. The tablet was rumored to be present with a 7.85 inch screen, smaller than 10-inch screen on the iPad 3 [read: Will the iPad 3 Released Next Year].

iPad Mini was planned out to tailgate success of similar products, Fire from the Amazon Kindle. Making mini iapad it is a big risk taken by a technology company based in California, United States. The product is contrary to the statement of Steve Jobs late last year. Jobs said the 7-inch tablet is too large to compete with a smart phone and too small to compete with the iPad.

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