Durabook R13C Convertible Laptop With Screen Design and Hold Specials

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Durabook R13C is a laptop with a sturdy design made ​​by GammaTech. Laptops have the resilience to be able to use an extreme environment, suitable for those working in the field such as military, law enforcement and others. Demonstrated the durability of this laptop with 810G military to standard certification for protection against shocks, falls, and vomit.

This laptop also has an IP65 certification for protection against water and dust. There is a water resistant keyboard and magnesium alloy casing which has a resistance of 20 times stronger than ABS plastic. In addition, the RC13 is also laced with a fingerprint scanner technology, Kensington lock and Trusted Platfor module 1.2.

For your own specifications, this laptop has a 13.3-inch screen that has the technology impact resistant 1000 NIT. With this technology allows users to still be able to see the monitor despite being in the sun. For the processor, GammaTech choose Low Power Processors Intel's Core i7-620LM vPro supported with 8GB RAM.

Because it is designed for extreme conditions, this laptop has a 2.5 inch SATA HDD equipped with a heater. There is also a super multi DVD drive, two USB ports, SIM card and konetor SC card reader.

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